API Calls

This document contains the API blueprint for the Hancocks. The data provided within the returned API calls is fake data and not to be used in production.


Example object

"previous_page": "",
"next_page": "",
"count": "100",
"orders": [{
	"Order_ID": "cca389ab-0373-4735-8fce-f8ec858ed65d",
	"Order_Number": "1000",
	"Order_Date_Y": "2020-01-07 23:45:06",
	"Delivery_Date": "2020-04-14 00:38:05",
	"Order_Status": "Fulfilled",
	"Total_Cases_Ordered": "6",
	"Total_Value_Ordered": "120",
	"Total_Cases_Delivered": "6",
	"Total_Value_Delivered": "120"

Expected Values

"previous_page": "url to previous page if paginated",
"next_page": "url to next page if paginated (eg 1000 records per page)",
"count": "100",
"orders": [{
"Order_ID": "guid",
"Order_Number": "integer",
"Order_Date_Y": "date in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS",
"Delivery_Date": "date in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS",
"Order_Status": "string",
"Total_Cases_Ordered": "float",
"Total_Value_Ordered": "float",
"Total_Cases_Delivered": "float",
"Total_Value_Delivered": "float"


Example object

{"order_lines": [{
	"Product_SKU": "ABC123",
	"Product_Name": "Banana",
	"Category": "Fruit",
	"Net_Cost": "10",
	"VAT": "16",
	"Total_Cost": "20",
	"QTY_Ordered": "3",
	"QTY_Delivered": "3"

Expected values

{"order_lines": [{
	"Product_SKU": "string",
	"Product_Name": "string",
	"Category": "string",
	"Net_Cost": "float",
	"VAT": "float",
	"Total_Cost": "float",
	"QTY_Ordered": "float",
	"QTY_Delivered": "float"